What to Expect

What to Expect

Proactive project management instills confidence. Anticipating our customer’s needs, along with clear and timely communication, gives everyone peace of mind. We believe that your needs are our needs. Contact us so we can explore how our process can meet your expectations.

Integrity and Transparency

McManus Contracting Inc. was founded with the goal of providing design, project management, green energy services, and construction services with integrity and transparency. We know that customers want to receive good value for their investment. Projects that stay on schedule should be the rule, not the exception! We do our best to ensure a smooth flow of work; and when challenges arise, we aim to quickly resolve the bumps encountered. Adherence to our customers’ needs through integrity and transparency is the cornerstone of our business!

Our Process

Communication is key! We strive to communicate effectively with our customers at each phase of the process whether that be in design, project management, or construction stages. Projects are easier to manage and enjoyable when the customer has clear and reasonable expectations. Clear and reasonable expectations are a facet of the design and contract process. Execution of the contract requires accountability, diligence, and commitment to high standards.

Best Building Practices

A comprehensive design process will ask the right questions and ensure the answers have been fully accounted for. Anticipating these possibilities and being ready to resolve issues creatively, safely, and affordably can make the construction experience a positive one!

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
  • Saturday: Emergency Only
  • Sunday: Emergency Only