Why, How, and What

In everything we do, we work for you, the client, and for the futures of our customers. We believe in sustaining the loyalty and trust of our customer, ensuring that our work is built to last, and in surpassing the status quo. McManus Contracting Inc. dares to go above and beyond your expectations. We’re not working for a paycheque like some, we are working for you, working to bring the vision for your construction project to life. Why do we do this? Our desires are not entirely altruistic, we’re not a charity; we work to build trust in our market so that people, like you, give us a good name in the community and even come back to us when you have further construction needs. Profit is the result of what we do, never the purpose. Yes, we recognize the important need for that result, even enjoy it, but working for it is not a functional work philosophy. We strive for rewards in the form of good reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and customer loyalty. Your project, our work, is our resume.
Why do you do what you do? The easy, and obvious answer to this question is simply “to make money”. Okay, sure, that’s the reason most people do things; we need money to sustain our way of life and there is nothing wrong with working to get paid. But there are as many ways to get paid as there are paying jobs in the world, and everyone puts thought into which job they want to do. What job you have isn’t the only thing that determines what you do, it also depends on how you do it. We do it by working expeditiously for our clients to finish their construction projects on schedule; we lend our vision to your projects in the form of our design services, and we’re client oriented, friendly and accommodating to your needs and wants. This is why we are in business, and why the customers who’ve come before you say good things about us. We just happen to be really good at what we do: we have degrees, licences, a level of experience that adds up to over 100 years, and we leave a trail of satisfied customers behind us.
In doing what we do, we always strive to uphold our values. This field of work is full of people who just endure the process of labour; they’ll do their job, but without concern for making the experience of your construction project enjoyable and without nuisances. Other contracting companies will tell you all about what they have to offer you, saying things like “you should hire us because we’ll do a great job, we’ll renovate your house to make it look the way you want, and we’ll do it fast”, and most of them are telling the truth; so are we. But they will do it their way. We do things your way, even at our own expense, but never at the expense of the project. That’s the difference between us and the other guys. Contact us today or in the future to get started on making use of our services, such as our design services, so you can put your ideas into a real and feasible plan.